Thanks for your interest in Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC.

In business since 1993, Evergreen Growers Supply has assisted growers in the understanding of pest control and plant health. For the last 20 years, Evergreen Growers Supply almost exclusively advises customers of the use of beneficial insects and has been honored partner with the best growers. Growers who have successfully integrated beneficial insects into their protocol have benefited in reduced cost in insecticides, healthier plants, and a general increase of their bottom line.

Contact Information

Ordering and general questions: (503) 908-1946

For technical questions and advice please email John Maurer at john@evergreengrowers.com

Fax: (503) 908-1946


Visit our site @ www.evergreengrowers.com

Office Address:  15822 SE 114th Ave, Clackamas, OR 97015

Mail to:  17592 S. Palmer Road, Oregon City, OR 97045

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  1. Troy,
    Stratiolaelaps scimitis will go after the first and maybe second instar of the bed bugs. But, they need moisture to survive and are a soil dwelling mite. If you released them in a home situation, they will not survive unless there was some soil/potting mix/something for them to crawl around in.

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